Food Campaign, El Espino, Usulutan.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the country, opposite El Arco Island, where swimming is easy and recommended (sand). It is usually reached by boat from the town of Usulután and then Puerto Parada, or by a detour before Jucuarán. A one hour boat trip can take you to Piraya Island, where the sand is white.

Más turistas visitan Alegría y la playa El Espino | Noticias de El Salvador  -

People evicted by the government at that time (prior to the current one) and who put up tents to live on the side of the road with all their belongings and without any option to be relocated. Food was delivered and food was prepared on the spot to give to each family on the spot.

Make a donation today and make a difference. Our organization serves the needs of people living in extreme poverty.