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Serve the needs of people living in extreme poverty and empower them with the tools needed to rejoin their community bringing them closer to God and God closer to them.

In 2009, Luis Morales, Pastor of Vida Real Internacional, began to embark in a on a mission to aid children that live in a third world country.


Not knowing where this journey would lead, he was presented with an opportunity to visit a Dominican-Haitian community in a town called Barahona located in The Dominican Republic.

As he traveled throughout the town he witnessed the immense poverty that the citizens were coping with. He was informed that the average person received about $2.50 a day working in the sugar cane fields. There were about 265 orphan children that lived in that community.


These children lived helplessly under these poverty stricken conditions and lacked the most basic necessities such as food and water. Compelled to help the town Barahona, Pastor Morales was able to provide aid for the orphan children and the poor.

Luis Morales


Luis Morales Jr.

Advocacy Director

Joon Lee

Los Angeles

Serve the needs of people living in extreme poverty.