Hearts Of Life is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides support to those in the greatest need in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our projects include relief for hurricanes, flood and volcano victims, care and education for orphans, shelter for the homeless, medicine and health care for the sick, food for the hungry and those suffering from extreme malnutrition, and clean water for communities that have none. We also transform communities through providing a combination of resources and often a micro-enterprise program and other long-term development efforts to break the cycle of poverty.

We are a Christian ministry that collaborates with partners in-country who employ a community-oriented aid strategy and who strive to increase the self-sufficiency of the poor. For larger, more advanced partners, we provide not only financial and material resources, but also handle the vital functions of monitoring, reporting and financial accountability. They, in turn, offer that all-important grassroots connection to the community – absolutely vital to the provision of humanitarian aid. In all our efforts to serve the poor we remain focused on the Lord.